Top 10 Psychological and Emotional Reasons to Quit Smoking

To stop smoking, smokers need strong motivation to drive them to kick the nicotine habit. Indeed, there can be strong personal reasons, pressure from peers and family members or due to social stigma attached with smoking to give up the habit.

The following list tries to address the psychological and emotional side of benefits smokers can derive when they take the arduous journey of quitting smoking.

1. Smoking is no more ‘cool’

Cigarette smoking no more considered cool compared to 70s and 80s when everyone smoked. The smoking habit considered unhealthy. Cigarette companies generated the ‘cool’ image due to cleverly designed commercials. For someone intelligent, the appeal of coolness is diminishing given the health hazard the smoking habit carries. There are mandatory ghastly looking images on cigarette packs in some countries not only horrifying, but also a revelation.

2. Stop buying packs of cigarette saves you lot of money cbd fruchtgummis kaufen

For a moment, imagine how many cigarettes a smoker smokes in a year on an average 20 cigarettes a day. Cool 7000 cigarettes a year! Astounding, right? No! Try the numbers if one smoked for the last 10 years. That totals to 70,000 cigarettes. Now, that is worrying. We have not considered special occasions, weekends; jaunts to nightclubs where one tend to smoke more than usual, sometimes two times the average. This puts the numbers even higher.

Just do the math and see how much cigarette one has burnt in her life. Interestingly, the amount of money one spends just to satisfy addiction is staggering. It is fraction of a dollar, no doubt, for each cigarette. However, how much money one spends on buying cough medicine, breath fresheners, throat fresheners, teeth whiteners, and visiting dentists just because one wanted to be normal?

3. Increased Confidence levels once one stop smoking.

You look like a rock star to others who are trying to quit smoking. Apparently, almost every other smoker wishes to stop smoking one day. However, how many honestly stop smoking and never become a smoker again in their lives? You will be surprised to find out how people expression can change when one mention that she quit smoking. It is shocking for most of smokers and pleasant surprise for many of her not smoking friends. Just imagine how tall she can walk!

4. Worry no more about how bad your breath smell in front of clients or customers

The cigarette smoke smells nasty. Smoking creates bad odor in your mouth and few feet around you. The smell lingers longer if you smoke in an air-conditioned room. You make every other not smoking person to suffer because of your habit. Does it sound selfish? Perhaps, yes. Stop smoking and never worry about the stink again.

5. Save astounding amounts of time

Can you imagine how much time one save by stop smoking? If you are a busy person and a smoker, you can gain lot by stop smoking. It is a simple arithmetic.

One may argue that he or she is smoking the cigarette while working. The smoker while smoking unknowingly idle away productive minutes. How much time you end up wasting just for smoking every year? You be the judge.