Modular Houses – Build Your Dream House

If you want to raise chickens, then you must have the right kind of chicken house. Many farmers and chicken growers have found ways to improve their chickens just by the way the coop is built. What is the best way to build chicken houses?

A chicken coop is going to need a couple of basic things. One is a place for the chickens to rest at night out of harm’s way. Another is a place to get outdoors and have enough room to be able to scratch in clean ground. You want to have enough space outdoors in your chicken’s house for them to to be able to live in sanitary conditions. สร้างบ้าน

Chickens do not have a particular method of defecating, so you will need to stay on top of cleaning out the excrement from their yard as well. A good idea is to make sure that you have a rake and shovel handy at the entrance of the coop. You may also think about the kinds of nesting you could use. Most people use hay or straw, but you can use untreated pine shavings as well.

To start building your chicken house, you are going to need some basic tools and the material for the house. The kinds of tools that you will need will include a hammer, some fence staples and some nails, a few pieces of plywood, some two by fours, and some two by twos. You will also need the chicken coop fencing. Make sure that you have the hinges for doors and gates. You will need a roofing material like tar paper as well. You may even use house type shingles for your chicken house roof.

The size of your chicken house id going to depend on how many chickens you have. For every chicken, you will need to build a nesting box. No chicken is going to share its nest with another. If you do not build enough nest boxes, one of your chickens will be left out in the cold.

You will want to make sure that your chicken house is sturdy and predator proof. Many raccoons and foxes are amazing at how they can get into a chicken house. Make sure that all your staples are in good and none are loose. A raccoon is very adept at using its hands. You should always make sure that your chicken house in inside an enclosed fenced area.

One thing that is really important to a chicken is sunlight. Many people do not add windows to their chicken houses. You should add at least one screened window to keep open during hot weather for ventilation purposes. You might be surprised how chickens do like the sunlight to fall upon their nests of eggs.