How To Make To Make A Website, So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Everyone is trying to climb aboard the internet e-commerce train in how to make a website. And although I applaud your enthusiasm, and your self motivation for website building, there is a lot of work and effort involved if you want know the secret in how to succeed in your website building pursuits.

Rule Number 1

There are no over-night riches. If that is your primary goal and plan, you’re just wasting your time. Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing the correct way- the right way. You need to have the right positive attitude, and the correct business mindset, if you want any hope of success in your website building.

You’ve got to approach your website building just like anything else in life that requires time, dedication and your determination. I should know, as I built my own successful website July 2009, and I’ve probably invested about 20 hours a week outside my regular work hours to get where I am now at 113 pages built and another 50-75 key words already planned out for future content building. My short term smart goals, is to have a 200 page website completed by June 2011. You too need smart goals as well in your website building.

Rule Number 2

Put Your Visitors and Your Customers Needs First. I receive so many emails from people around the world in how to make a website like mine, and the thing that ceases to amaze me is that most people are thinking of their bottom line first. They are too busy counting dollars, yen taka, rupees, et al…

This is the wrong attitude and the wrong approach in your website building. Your visitors and potential customers’ needs’ should always come first. Relationship Building before Revenue Counting… The bottom Line: People don’t CARE how much you KNOW, unit they KNOW how much you CARE.

Irrespective of your website building niche business, your visitors and customers MUST come first. I critique and review websites and cannot tell you how many websites opening pitch on their home pages, are the quick sales pitch- to their visitors describing either the business opportunity or the best product and/or service offering that they must buy now, in their work at home business.

This is the wrong approach on so many levels. Your visitors and potential customers must warm up to you first as a trusted and respected authority in your website building niche. People rarely buy on the whim and will quickly click off your website if they feel they are being pushed or pitched to in your ad copy. A website should be warm and inviting, not sales pitchy in your approach. Your visitors and potential customers want to feel empowered in making an emotional financial decision based upon the information they find on your website. kodulehe valmistamine

Does your website address their most pressing need or concern-without feeling pressured into buying your product and/or service offering? Make sure in your website building that you put your visitors and your customers first. This is the same approach I use in my successful website.