Monks may live a life of solitude but they know how to compensate. Thanks boys for distilling Ouzo all those years ago.

Ouzo is the drink of choice.

Ouzo is hands-down the most favorite drink in Greece, and by Greeks around the world. When you wonder ‘what to drink in Greece’, Ouzo has to be on the list which may also include a variety of wines, or Raki, or Retsina.

Ouzo drinking is an art.

It’s not necessary to a Greek Fraternity or Sorority member and shoot the beverage, instead enjoy a glass or more with friends, overtime.

Ouzo is best neat.

One shouldn’t dilute the true distinctive taste of licorice flavored with spices like anise, mint, mastic and coriander. All favorite spices of the Mediterranean diet. Some may add ice water to the spirit, but this only ‘muddies the water’ or in this case the alcohol.

Ouzo drinking is a social event.

Ouzo is a powerful spirit, with an ABV of no less than 37.5% and in many cases upwards of 50% or 75%. Enjoying your Ouzo with friends also means enjoying Greek small plates or Mezedes. Remember we mentioned the spices often used to enhance the Ouzo, these flavors also work in conjunction with the Mezes to provide a exhilarating experience for your palette.

Ouzo has it’s trivia.

One last piece of trivia, or a least a topic for debate, about Ouzo you can share and discuss the next time you’re having Mezes with friends. Greek tradition, or at least popular culture has made the image of Greeks celebrating and breaking plates common theme.

We all know in English, the phrase "getting smashed" is slang for getting drunk.

Was it first used one morning by a traveler who had a little too much ouzo or tsikoudia, and woke up among the fragments of the previous night's revels, feeling as broken up as the plates around him?

We may never know. Yassou!

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