Last week, we concluded with:

In short, when you are invited to a Greek Christening here is the short list to note what is expected of you:

  • Sending out your RSVP promptly,
  • Dressing properly for the ceremony, and
  • Selecting a great gift

One last suggestion, unless your Greek is top notch and you’re familiar with the ceremony you might want to Google it beforehand. This will not only help you enjoy the event but you may help other ‘non-Greeks’ understand it as well.

What happens afterward?

Even Christ’s first miracle was turning water into wine it isn’t necessary from a religious standpoint but having a reception after the Greek Orthodox Christening is fairly traditional. The reception is not only a celebration of the baby’s day but a way to share the beauty that is a Christian tradition with family and friends.

Will you be served traditional Greek foods or not?

Parents have a choice whether or not you will eat authentic Greek dishes, foods outside of the Greek culture, or offer a mixture of both.

Some ideas for traditional Greek meals include oven roasted lamb with potatoes and vegetables, souvlaki with rice and vegetables, and pastitso or moussaka. If the served foods aren’t of Greek origin, meat dishes with potato or vegetables, salad, fish, and pasta may be on the menu.

Below are some types of food styles you may find at the Christening celebration no matter if the reception is being held at a hall, at a home, or at a restaurant.

Buffet Style Reception

Buffet style meals are a popular choice because they give people total control over the foods they put on their plates. Not only that, but it gives people flexibility concerning when they eat. However, there are some foods that work for buffets better than others.

Generally, simple foods such as souvlaki, pastitso, spanakopita, tiropita, and salad are great choices. If you decide to serve foods outside of the Greek culture, simple meat dishes, vegetable dishes and lasagna are very good additions to a buffet.

Sit Down Meal

Sit down meals have a tendency to be a little fancier. Everyone eats at the same time. If the meal is served in a restaurant or a function hall, someone will likely serve you. With a sit down meal, it is usually pre-organized. If it’s being held in a reception hall, you may have been given a choice between two or three dishes which may be a part of the RSVP. In a restaurant, you might order from the menu, or a specialized menu for the occasion.

A Grand Finale

Dessert is often looked at as the favorite part of the meal. People look forward to sampling the desserts because many people only indulge on special occasions. Here are some ideas for a great dessert spread.

  • Greek pastries. Traditional Greek pastries such as baklava, galatobouriko, or kourambiedes are popular choices.
  • Christening cake. A special cake or order a cake that commemorates the occasion. Often the name of the person who was baptized and the date of the baptism are written on the icing.
  • Other desserts. Other desserts such as pies and cookies can be served, as well.

Food is such an integral part of a reception that it is important to select the right items. No matter if you’re served traditional Greek foods or not, the parents will be happy to you joined them on this special day to help celebrate the joy and wonder that is their child.

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